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New Construction

How long does construction typically take? 

Each home and building site is unique and with the long lead times we are currently faced with, it's hard to put an exact time on how long a build will take. Typically 6-12 months is a realistic time frame.

In what areas do you build?

We work in Wilkes, Watauga, Ashe, Avery, Alexander, and Caldwell counties.

How much do estimates cost?

For a new home build, we utilize a pre-construction agreement that allows us to dedicate the time required on the planning phase of your project to build a realistic budget, so you are educated about the cost of your new home. 

Do I need to hire an architect or plan designer first?

No, you do not have to have an architect prior to working with us. We actually prefer to be involved in the design process with your architect, so we can work as a team to build your home.

Do you have an in-house design center?

No, we use web based tools to manage your selections and design.

What is your price per square foot?

Because each project is different and each person's taste is different, we do not offer a price per square foot. Once we get through the preliminary design process, we can put together a ballpark budget then move into pre-construction where we make all the selections and price out all the parts of your project to get a final budget. 

Who will be my point of contact during the construction process?

We are a small team so you will be working directly with Andy Steele, the owner of the business.

Can I build the house any way I would like?

If your budget allows, then the sky's the limit to what we can create for you. That being said, all our homes are built to meet or exceed current codes. We handle all phases of the build and prefer our clients not perform any of the work. 

Do you have floor plans available?

No, we do not offer premade house plans. However, if you have purchased a set we will be happy to work with those. 

What if I’m not 100% satisfied with the home at the end of the build?

We go through great pains to make sure you are happy with your home. Each project goes through a few different punch list stages, from framing to painting, giving our clients the opportunity to make changes or address any issues that may come up. 

Is there a warranty on a newly constructed home? If so, what does it cover?

Yes, we offer a minimum of 1 year warranty on all products and craftsmanship.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes we are licensed by the State of North Carolina and fully insured.

Renovations, Additions, & Repairs

How much do estimates cost?

Rough estimates and initial consultations are free of charge. Detailed drawings and a comprehensive scope and budget range in price depending on the project but usually cost about $500, which is applied to the cost of your project if you decide to move forward. 

Do you offer any warranties on your work?

Yes we offer a 1 year warranty on all materials and workmanship.

Are there zoning restrictions on my home or business?

That depends on your home and where it is located. It is possible that zoning may restrict what you can do on your property or require a variance. 

How much should I expect to spend?

Each project and scope of work is different, but we are happy to work with you and your budget to build a scope of work that you are happy with.

How long will the job take?

Renovations usually take less time than a new build, unless it is a full gut and rebuild. Some small jobs can take 4 weeks or less, while more involved projects may take up to a year to complete.


Looking for more answers, or an assessment of your specific project?

Reach out to us.