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How would you design your house if you were building it new? This question can sometimes help homeowners to get out of the box, and envision what they’d really like their living space to be.

Adding a room or rooms is an accessible way to change how your entire home functions. The pressure release that happens after adding on space can be the difference from desperately needing to move, to loving where you live.

With a culture that is rapidly accepting working from home as the norm, and record low housing inventory on the market, many people are needing more space to accommodate their daily tasks. From turning an attic into an office, enclosing an outdoor patio as the kids playspace, or fully adding to the footprint of the home, a room addition can change your life.

FRS Builders will listen to your desires and vision, assess your living space, and design a construction plan to make that a reality. Taking into consideration your needs, we complete the job skillfully, on time, and within budget, all the while paying proper respect to your living space while on the job.

Check out some examples of our work, and reach out to us to discuss your project!